Cooperation opportunities

Totan, in today’s fast-paced world, considers the readiness to develop external cooperation in the fields related to its products and services as one of the values ​​of the Totan family and has found through experience that one of the constant principles of market development is joint cooperation and invites interested companies to join our network to start such kind of cooperation.

Totan is also ready to partner with startups in the fields of financial technology (Fintech), e-commerce (E-Commerce) and Game (Game) with a wealth of experience in launching and developing banking and electronic payment services. Totan’s expanded electronic payment infrastructure and extensive international communications can be a good platform for start-up businesses.

Totan believes in innovation combined with hard work and the development of new ideas through practice and business focus, and invites qualified start-up teams working in the fields of E-Commerce Fintech and Game.

Joining Totan family

In order to develop, Totan needs to strengthen its human capital in the areas announced in Totan family membership section. Those who are interested can apply for being a part of Totan family by visiting this section.

Internet Payment services

Totan Services in the field of Internet payment services and value-added services based on it, has provided a powerful opportunity to attract customers. All individuals and legal entities familiar with the field of Card Not Present (CNP) payments that have the power of marketing and customer acquisition in this field can trust Totan as a strong and leading business partner.

Digital businesses development

Totan has always been one of the leading and innovative companies in its field of activity and is fully familiar with the concept of innovation and creativity and the development of innovative ideas is decided to be one of its main activities.

Cooperation in DEPA services field

Depa is Totan’s special solution in electronic payment services field, on which services such as KAVOSH, SAMAVAT and SAMT are defined. The target audience of this solution is organizations and businesses who are in need of special payment services and the general services of the payment industry do not meet their needs.

Recruiting for Android POS Machines sales representative

Totan, in cooperation with payment service companies, has provided the possibility of installing and providing terminal services. Individuals and legal persons who have the possibility of marketing and attracting the acceptors, can cooperate with Totan in this field. It is also possible to sell and offer Android terminal devices to applicants. Totan has good proposals in this field, which has made the possibility of cooperation very attractive.

Recruiting for Particpatory ATMs market development

Totan has started the development of participatory ATMs with the participation of its partner banks and is accepting representatives in this field. The conditions for cooperation with Totan in this field are having sufficient experience and the possibility of marketing at a suitable scale.

Business partners

Totan offers a full range of Android sales terminals, which is a good space for software products. All companies offering software products can offer their products and services to customers and contacts on this platform as Totan business partner.

All individuals and legal entities that are familiar with the electronic payment industry and the needs of the market and the possibility of marketing in various areas of the industry can join the circle of Totan business associates. Interested parties are invited to submit their application to Totan Company via email address and contact number 021-88930490.